Success 4 All

Our strength lies in creating a homely atmosphere in our learning hubs and in filling the gap between home and school.

Success4All provides a setting, in areas of Newcastle marked by low academic achievement, where independent, collaborative or paired learning can take place.

We lend academic support in:

Primary School subjects (Key Stage 1, and 3),
GCSE and A-level subjects,
GCSE/A-level examination preparation in minority foreign languages ,
Basic numeracy & literacy skills,
Academic writing,
Study and Careers Advice for parents to support their children.

Our after-school clubs and summer schools focus on learning new skills, team building and building community cohesion.

Most of Learning Hubs and Clubs are run by volunteers of the local area, young people, parents, retired people.   

Mission Statement

Engaging, equipping and empowering children, young people and their families to help build a successful future for all.

We provide one-to-one befriending and educational activities, that cannot be met by mainstream education, in areas of low academic achievement. We can do this because we engage the intellect of other young people and we train to become tutor/befrienders or to run clubs and workshops based on their particular skill or talent.

Our Aims:

  • We aim to set up more S4A Learning Hubs in other areas of low academic achievement in the North East, the UK and beyond.
  • We aim to create more jobs for Learning Hub coordinators and graduate intern schemes.
  • We aim to create more diverse and accredited volunteering and work experience opportunities.
  • We aim to work in partnership with more schools, businesses, parent groups and youth organisations.