The Bunker Project with Kenton PLC

Blakelaw Partnership have teamed up with Kenton PLC to regenerate a historical World War II bunker and surrounding park area. Their team is made up of 6 Action Leads and every Monday afternoon they help staff at the community centre to tackle the overgrown park area.

The pupils began their project in response to the Blakelaw community wishing this area were prettier and tidier. They wanted the area to feel safe for people to walk through and visit. The team has been doing some incredible work, including gardening, litter picking and promoting the area itself!

“Get Set for Community Action has been great for our young people to get involved with. It has given them the opportunity to go out in the local community and take ownership of a worthwhile community project that will benefit everyone. It has been great fun to get involved with the community.” – Stacey Walton, Team Coordinator

“Get Set for Community Action has made us come together as a group and do something great for our community. Young people in Blakelaw often have a bad reputation in the community, so this experience has been great for the community to see young people doing something positive.” – Jack Marshall, Action Lead

“Absolutely fantastic work from the pupils in the PLC. The pupils have shown dedication on a regular basis to make  a historical monument come back to life. The community looks forward to seeing the end result. Thanks again PLC!” – Leanne Chaytor, Blakelaw Partnership

Get Set for Community Action were given the opportunity to go up to Newcastle to film the project work in action, and the result was this fantastic case study film! We were so impressed with your work so far Kenton, we can’t wait to see the next stages!