About Us

Our vision

The vision of Newcastle Community Asset Trust (NCAT) is for public buildings and land to be playing a substantial role in promoting, supporting and sustaining social and economic regeneration in disadvantaged communities across the North East.

Promote  – a public building can promote community regeneration through engendering a ‘sense of place’, by providing access to local services, and by enabling the development of social capital through participation with other members of the community;

Support – a public building can support community regeneration by providing access to opportunities, facilities and services that are not otherwise available in the local community;

Sustain – a public building can sustain community regeneration by providing a means for generating income that will fund community development activity, and that will fuel the local economy.

Our mission/purpose

The mission of Newcastle Community Asset Trust is:

  • to facilitate the effective transfer of public buildings and land from public bodies across the North East, where this is likely to lead to a more positive outcome for the local community than would be achieved otherwise;
  • to secure the financial sustainability of community asset transfers in Newcastle, whilst realising their full potential to promote, support and sustain community regeneration;
  • to build the capacity of the region’s third sector to do the same.